Monday, March 26, 2012

If you are thinking about running for an executive board position, you may be interested in what our current Fundraiser Chair, Emily Garrett, had to say about her experience:

When I was "running" last year all I had to do [during the election process] was state why I wanted the position and what made me qualified. I talked with the former treasurer about what she did, she took me to SAFO to show me what to do and gave me a flash drive with documents from former years. I like working with SAFO, but creating a budget was hard at the beginning of the year. Fundraising is a lot of work but it is really important for our organization.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Elections for NRHH Executive Board are Coming Soon!

If you are interested in running for a NRHH executive board position, remember that you must have declared your intent to run to Natalie by Tuesday, March 28th at 5 pm. Elections will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd. The positions being voted on are President, Vice President, Executive Administrator, Recognition Chair, Service Chair, Fundraising Chair and Conference Chair. 

Heather Robertson, our 2011-2012 Recognition Chair had the following to say about running for and holding this position:

"In preparation for this running for this position I thought of how I wanted to change the way NRHH does recognition projects, as well as how I wanted to work with the RHA recognition committee. My favorite part of being the recognition chair is seeing the outcome and joy that students and others receive from our recognition gifts and events. What is most challenging aspect of this position is to recognize large groups of people without spending a lot of money-but still keeping the quality high. Some tips for candidates include recognition ideas and possibly other housing groups on campus that we can better recognize."

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Congratulations to our new members!
We look forward to getting to know you!

Andrea Barreto
Andrea Pino
Caitlyn Bassignani
Chuchitra Thanigaivasan
Di An
Erin Walker
Ivy Palas
James Wilson
Kayla Baker
Kevin Flores
Laida Alarcon
Lauren Overbey
Nico Garces
Ricky Kong
Shamit Prabhu
Sharon Austin
Sloan Harrill

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kayla Gentry

In addition to being a dedicated NRHH member, Kayla is also involved in Morrison Community Government, Cornerstone and Carolina Students for Special Athletes. Her favorite NRHH event last semester was a recognition project in which we decoreated potted plants for the Community Directors. After graduation she plans to go to graduate school for marine biology and she got a close look at marine life when she became scuba certified and went diving in Costa Maya! One time she even jumped fifteen feet into a river in the rain forest in Brazil! Whoa!! I bet you also didn't know that Kayla is obsessed with football!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NRHH General Body Meeting
Tuesday, February 14th

This was a very special meeting during which we thanked Justin for his dedication to NRHH and everything he does done for us!! He got a cake and a card from us!
·        Natalie
o   NRHH won Most Improved at NCARH this weekend
o   Dates for upcoming events will be sent over the listserv
o   Requirements for members that can’t make meetings will be sent to them this week along with a calendar
·        Alexandra
o   Applications for new members are due on Friday
·        Heather
o   Send nominations for the Robert White Linker award to Heather, nominations due on the 27th, a description of the award, winner will receive a plague and be invited to the Chancellor’s award ceremony
·        Damon
o   Encouraged Relay for Life participation, sign up online, go to the event towards the end of the semester
·        Emily
o   No updates this week
·        Melissa
o   No updates this week
·        Morgan

o   If you haven’t sent me your member spotlight blurb, please do so

o   Kayla Gentry is our new member under the spotlight! Check out the blog featuring Kayla, up in the next couple days!!
NRHH General Body Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

o   Socialized with Pillar Pals

o   Selection – Alexandra

·         Application due date is February 17th

·         Encouraged to pub the application, passed out slips to give to people you think would be great in NRHH

·         Will send an email with the application attached so we can encourage people to join that way too

o   Service – Damon

·         Relay for Life is April 20th, not April 6th

·         Email Damon and let him know if you are available to go to the Tiger Rescue on February 25th from 8:30-1:30

o   Updates from Morgan

·         Tunnel is doing well, still consider being a tour guide or stage crew member

·         Dale will be on the Member Spotlight, coming soon on the blog!

o   Recognition – Heather

·         It’s the end of month so reminder that recognition committee will be judging OTMs

·         She created posters about OTMs to go in each community office

o   Updates from Emily

·         Don’t forget that we have T-shirts for $10

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Member Spotlight


My Pillar Pal!

I bet you didn't know that Dale loves romantic comedies!
Dale is very involved around campus! When he's not participating in booty shaking contests at leadership conferences in Puerto Rico, he's the President of The Minority Business Student Alliance, the President of the Undergraduate Accounting Club, the Executive Vice-President of the UNC chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, an RA in Craige Community, a Kenan-Flagler Undergraduate Student Ambassador and a Site Coordinator for Communiversity After School Program. Wow!
 His favorite activity in NRHH so far was the Christmas Party gift exchange and he's really looking forward to helping out with the selection process this year.
After graduation in May, he'll be working at Wells Fargo in Charlotte, NC. 
Congrats Dale!